How to activate your MGPortable on IOS and Android

The MGPortable controller has 4 modes: Standard, MTK/PC, iOS ICade and NewGame iOS.

To select a mode, press and hold the button associated with the mode and push the Power button.

You must select the mode of your controller when it is activated.

On Android, press the A + POWER buttons to activate the Standard mode. If your smartphone is too old or you want to connect to a PC in Bluetooth, you will need to use the MTK mode and press the Y + POWER buttons. The MGPortable controller is compatible with all games that support a gamepad and all third party software that allows the use of a gamepad on Android.

As far as IPhone is concerned, as IOS is a closed environment, our gamepad is only compatible with games that support ICade and NewGame modes. To select one of these modes, press the B (ICade) or X (NewGame) button. You must accept the license of the NewGame application to be able to use the NewGame mode. To do this, go to This link, and follow the steps to validate the license: Shanghai Ewei Software Technology.

Once the LED lights up in blue, your gamepad is activated and you can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth settings.

Download the Games on IOS:

ICade Mode (B + Power), IOS 10 and earlier: You will be able to play + 300 games (example games:Http://

NewGamepad Mode (Y + Power) without Jailbreak (IOS 11 and earlier): 13 games Available (Https:// for 7 days. (Requires the installation of the IPA file by Cydia Impactor on PC).

NewGamepad Mode (Y + Power) without Jailbreak (IOS 11): You will need to purchase the QR code to download/connect the ' NewGame Store ' platform.

Download the Games on Android:

Scan the QR code on the manual to enter the MIGAMEPAD Download Center, you can then download the Newgame or MIGAMEPAD application or third party gaming applications.

Newgame platform: Once entered into the Newgame application, you will need to check the menu management by the gamepad. If the connection is successful, you can directly play the games available on the Newgame application.

The Newgame application will automatically connect to the Newgame protocol, if you switch to the other platform, press the HOME button on the phone, exit the Newgame platform.

MIGAMEPAD platform: This platform has all the games and supports NES/GB/GBC/SFC/SMD/GBA/N64/MAME/PS games emulators. Users can also download BIN files in the folder of the Games files of the IPhone, then can use the MIGAMEPAD software to open the game file, like many famous games: Super Mario, Metal Slug Sangokushi and so Suite.

1. Standard Android Device (A + POWER button)

In Menu, if the left joystick can move the cursor, the A & X buttons are the Enter buttons, the B & Y buttons are the back keys; This means that your mobile system can support international standard game controllers. In this case, just download the game and play directly. (If the system does not work, refer to a portion of the mobile Android MTK operation).

Android/IOS VR Mode (Standard)

This mode is only dedicated to BaoFeng or other VR applications. The A button corresponds to the Enter button, B is the return button, X is the menu button and left joystick can move the cursor in the Application menu. When playing video with left joystick: use high to turn the volume up and down to lower it. Steer the joystick to the left for a quick and straight return for fast forward.

2. Android MTK/PC Device (Button Y + POWER)

The mobile Redmi 3g, Huawei Honor3X, CooIPAD, Zhongxing, etc. use MTK CPUs, which is why they can not support the International standard GamePad agreement. So by the standard Android connection method, unusual problems will occur. We preset the MTK mode to support the MIGAMEPAD games. In this mode, the output for the letters of the keyboard can be used to set the game on the PC function.

3. For IOS ICade mode (B + POWER button)

Enter the AppStore and search for "ICade". You will find ICade games that support the gamepad. Just download and install the game.

6. For IOS mode NEWGAME (X + POWER button)

Scan the QR code on the manual to download the NEWGAME application! You can use the GamePad to play games in the application. You can set the buttons using the M button.